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Get radically resourced for joy & justice.

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Moving Toward Joy

Your body is not a problem to be solved.

The Slow Burn is more than just a library of movement classes or a virtual studio: it is a sanctuary. We deserve some sanctuaries from cultural toxicity, and that's what this community is. It’s a place to move, connect, play, and explore. It’s a place to come home to your body. 

Radical self-love (thanks, Sonya Renee Taylor!) is not a love at first sight situation. It’s more of a slow burn.

It has taken me a lifetime to internalize this message, and just like you, some days, I have my doubts. 

Who am I?

Hi, I'm Larissa. 

I’m a joy & justice coach. I help you move toward radical self-love, body liberation, and joy, so you can live a delightful, justice-oriented life. I do this through group coaching, 1-1 support, and embodiment/movement classes.

I’m also a mom of twins, a Star Wars nerd, a longtime movement lover, and I'm always curious about how my body feels. 

I bring together uterati (and anyone who has been harmed by misogyny) who are ready for a positive and loving relationship with their bodies, so we can both thrive in our personal lives and make big, structural change in the world.

How do you know the Slow Burn is for you? 

Because you’re ready to reclaim your life from the negative messages that you've received from our oppressive culture.

Because you're ready to be more of yourself.

Because you need a place where you can be real (in your pajamas, ugly crying, laughing until you snort...all of it).

Because you want moving your body to feel good, so you can do the things you love.

Because you want to feel, in your bones, that all bodies (including yours) are worthy of love.

Because you want to live a life of joy and justice.

Why You Should Join Us...

This community is my way of helping you fall in love with yourself again (or maybe even for the first time) through movement, mindset, rest, and consciousness-raising.

With us you’ll gain:


We need a space to talk about living in the world we live in--without the shame, oppression, and misogyny that turns our bodies and our lives into a problem. This is a space where you can be vulnerable and brave about your experience. We talk about everything, from kegels to orgasms, from the daily routines and practices that sustain us, to big feelings like grief and joy. Community is essential--community is how we resource ourselves so we can change the world. 

Rest & Reflection.

We make space and time to rest together and alone. You can plug into a prerecorded rest session from the Library. Monday Musings are the heart of our community's connection--we grow our vulnerability practice in a soft space, where you can show as your full self. And we hold pop-up events sprinkled through the year, so that you have time to reflect and renew yourself.


For most of our lives, movement has been a punishment. Exercise has been about getting smaller, restriction, and pain. It doesn't have to be that way. Movement can be one of the central joys in our lives, when we reclaim it. We do this with drop-in weekly classes, ranging from more pelvic rehab-focused movement classes to expressive dance to whatever your body needs that day. The point is for you to be able to experience movement as joy and develop your own joyful movement practice.


Ultimately, our work together is about liberation and flourishing. You deserve to feel good in your own skin. Embodying joy and justice--liberation--is a journey, and it can start with finding out who you are, what you love, and what your body needs. 

I can’t say this enough: We can't do this work alone. We can’t do the work without resources. We can’t pour from an empty cup. The Slow Burn is about filling your cup and getting radically resourced. It's about slowly falling in love with your body and yourself again. And it's about unlearning all of the negative, oppressive messages aimed at you. Instead, let's take back your body, mind, and soul, and learn how to embody joy and justice in your life.

Membership Pricing

Membership to The Slow Burn is $150 per month, payable monthly or annually. If this is out of reach for you, I have some pay-what-you-can spots available. Click here to tell me what might work for you.

When are classes?

I know...it's hard to sign up for something if you don't know when the classes happen. Here's the current schedule, as of September 2021:

Sundays, 10am-10:45ish ET, Core & More: This movement class will help you train your core to be reflexive and responsive, while also giving you some delicious, whole-body explorations. Wondering about the intensity? You might feel yourself glowing, but you won't be pouring sweat or getting your cardio in. I offer a variety of options for a variety of bodies. All of our movement classes are like this, because this is a space where you get to honor your body.

Future Writing on Sundays 11am-12:15pm ET. Future Writing is a chance to try on possibilities, just like you would try on a jacket, but in writing. We write together, so that we can hold each other gently accountable.

Monday Musings 10:30am-11am ET. This is a weekly group discussion of topics related to our monthly or weekly theme, or whatever comes up in the moment. It's an opportunity to put intentions into words, so that we can practice feeling more at home in our bodies. Sometimes there's a little coaching, but most of all it's a chance to show up as your full, messy, wonderful self.

Monday Evening Musings 7pm-7:30pm ET. Just like what we do in the morning, but at a different time of day!

Strength Club Mondays 7:30-8:15pm ET, and Wednesdays 7pm-7:45pm ET. Strength Club is a co-working session for your body. Use this time to take care of YOU. Larissa uses it for strength and mobility work that otherwise doesn't get done. Some folks use it to push play on Restore Your Core. Point is: we're here to support each other. We do a quick check-in, workout, and check out.

Expressive Dance with Vanessa on Tuesdays at 9am ET. 30 minutes of movement to music. Feel all the feels, move how you want. You can participate with your camera on or off--this is a come as you are class. This is a fabulous way to start your day!

Thursdays we post questions/ideas for you to ponder. 

Friday Morning Moves 9am-9:45am ET: Get your weekend off to a mellow start with a class that arises from the group's requests. 

Saturdays we smash the patriarchal, capitalist system by resting!

Got questions?

Email [email protected] and ask away!